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  1. Spot Delivered & Gouged - A lesson for us all

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I apologize ahead of time for my venting/rant please skip/ignore if you don’t want to hear how this sheep walked into a dealership only to face absolute slaughter. Please read on to see my wakeup call when dealing with Satan I mean the car dealership. I’m not asking for anyone to tell me sorry...
  2. Twins delivered in Northern Cal!

    New Member Introductions
    Morning All! My husband and I picked up twin Kia Souls last weekend! (thankfully, NOT identical twins!!) Having a blast so far!! Stumbled across the forum whilst looking for a roof bike rack for Ladybug (my Soul) and the Pimp Mobile (his :o) Glad to have found you!
  3. Delivered yesterday

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  4. Smaug Delivered on July 31st

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, We posted a while back, like more than a year ago, I think. We were wanting to get a Soul - Shadow Dragon to be exact, but didn't think we could swing it, don't know why we waited so long. :) We took delivery of Smaug last Saturday Night. We were lucky enough to find that last Shadow...
  5. Found a Lower Delivered Price?

    Discount Tire
    We try hard to offer the lowest delivered price on all the tires we carry. In fact, we have a dedicated department that shops the competition to make sure we are indeed the cheapest delivered price out there. We are human though and some prices fall through the cracks. If you've found one...