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  1. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Has anyone tried to make this conversion? The guy at the dealership said it couldn't be done. :( Don
  2. How To / DIY (Gen 2)
    I would like to install LED daytime running lights in the stock fog light location on a 2015 base Soul. Always on when the engine is running. Thx
  3. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Hi All-- I just finished installing a set of Philips 4 led Daytime running lights in my 2016 Plus. Spent most of the time trying to figure where to put the control module--not a whole lot of securable space in the 2nd generation engine bay. I tried using 3m double sided sticky tape but it...
  4. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    I just put in a set of DRLs, I think it looks pretty good!
  5. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Im new here. I own a 2011 Kia soul. Recently the marker light and daytime running light on right side of the car quit working. I bought the new marker bulb. Nothing. I have looked at the fuses....headlight relays....etc. I pulled the plugs off both headlight assemblies....found which pin had 12...
  6. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    I am a Canadian 2013 Soul. I attempted to install a pair of LED light strip as my daytime running lights. As you know, Canadian Soul has daytime running lights as standard. That is, when engine starts, without turning on any lights, the highbeam has a lower power and run as DRL. I tapped the...
  7. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I was under the impression that the '14 Soul came with em... is that not true? I watched a lot of YouTube vidz before I bought mine, and they all had DRLs... was it like a pre-production thing???
  8. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Hi all, Back after 8 or so months. Still have my 2013 Soul except now it's paid off with only 3000 miles on it. ;) Just thought i'd show you what I just installed. It's the Philips 8 LED daytime lights. I didn't hook the dimming feature as i'm not tapping into the factory wiring and voiding my...
  9. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Way cool. I wish mine had these. $150 at Amazon. I'd do it but I don't want to mess up my warranty. Philips Daylight 8 - 2012 Kia Soul - Philips LED Daylight 8 Daytime Running Lights (DRL) DIY - YouTube
  10. How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    HOW-TO Install Philips LED Daylight 8 Daytime Running Lights (DRL) - Soul 2012 Process would work for Philips Daylight 4 also... I just installed these on my 2012 Kia Soul and posted a video on YouTube of the entire process... I have never done anything like this before to any vehicle but it...
  11. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Hi, I am new to the Forum, we have 2-3 dealers here near Montreal fighting for our business, and will probably buy a Vanilla or Titanium 2013 2.0 lt.4u, on Tuesday. I am just wondering if there is an after-market plug and play to match the LED Daytime Driving Lights of the 4U Luxury version...
  12. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Hello everyone,I have just bought the new 2012 Soul exclaim.My question is do it come with daytime running lights??? If so mine dont work.I have asked the dealer about this and they are unable to give me an answer.I have read online that Daytime running lights are standard.Did the lights make it...
  13. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Not 100% sure, but I could have sworn my Soul+ had daytime running lights.:confused: Had it at the dealer last week to have the alarm installed and now there are none. My wife drives the vehicle so I'm not sure. Was the vehicle equipped with these? :cool:
1-13 of 14 Results