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  1. Mid-West
    This is our 2015 Year meet schedule!! Dates are subject to change and will be posted here and in the event thread if that change is made. All meets will start at Everett park in Bellevue unless otherwise noted, directions will be posted in the event thread. January 17th-Saturday Directors...
  2. Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Has anyone seen any rumors regarding changes planned for 2015 Kia Soul models? When does Kia typically start telling us what to expect for the upcoming model year? I'm hoping to see them keep most models intact, but would be absolutely thrilled if they decided to offer two "flavors" of...
  3. North-East
    Feb 12th we will be having a musical gathering at Luken's house (NJ)...details will be along shortly. This is for anyone who wants to hang out...those of us musically inclined or thinking that at least will be attempting to jam. Feb 19th is a important one. We will be meeting at: Wheeler...
  4. Mid-West
    I'm leaning towards May 22nd.. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. Mid-West
    This will serve as two questions... 1) do we want to form some kind of official Ohio Soul enthusiasts group? 2) My dealer would like to have a Soul gathering here in Columbus in the Fall.. Why dont we start by ruling dates OUT then try to find a good day.. The Saturdays of the OSU/USC game...
1-5 of 5 Results