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    Hello all, Last year I made the very impulsive decision to purchase a used low mileage 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible. It was love at first sight, I thought that love would last forever. It lasted about 2 months. The car was too small, too expensive, and was in the shop way too often. Not...
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    Kia has confirmed it will build a convertible version of the Soul crossover for the UK in 2014. Lee Soon Nam, director of Kia’s overseas marketing group, confirmed plans to build a cabriolet version of the compact...
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    Oh man...can't wait to trade mine in for this! :rolleyes:
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    Really cool little car mini cooper, blazing orange with black stripes. Was looking at a boat forsale and guy had this mini forsale. Tell ya what I like my soul just as well and extra doors and room perfect size. Soul is hard to beat!:D
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    a ConvertaSoul:
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    This article is so old I thought I would find a link on the forum already. Since I didn't, I figured I'd share.