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  1. Bad/Rough idle P050D: Cold Start Rough Idle/ Please Help!

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hello everyone, I drive a 2014 Kia Soul 1.8 L 104k miles. I recently had a P050D: Cold Start Rough Idle code come up on my dash. I figured it was my throttle body.Removed the negative battery cable and I replaced the throttle body unit. Thought it would reset the code but it's still there and...
  2. Cold intake

    Vendor Deals
    Hello everyone in Kia world. So happy to be here iam new so here I go. Does anyone know where I can get a cold intake for a 2013 Kia Soul 1.6 bass that fits. Thanks
  3. 2nd gear cold engine hesitation/sputtering

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    I have a 2016 base model, more and more after a cold start (in the morning), my car acts like its going to die when put into 2nd gear & given throttle. This is not the same as the 2nd gear lag which our lovely cars have. Has anyone else experienced this? the KIA dealerships here in San Diego...
  4. 2018 Kia Soul Turbo Cold Air Intake

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    OK, I have searched to the ends of google for a cold air intake for my 2018 Soul Turbo. There seems to be nobody manufacturing for the Turbos yet. I did see that sxthelement has one but it does not seem to be CARB legal and is never in stock. I have heard where others used Veloster or Forte...
  5. 2014 2.0 Soul+ cold start, miss issue

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hey there, first post on this forum. I have a 2014 Soul +, 2.0 engine, with about 70K logged. I'm experiencing intermittent cold starts, where the engine has a miss issue. It did throw a code once, a bit back, and did miss pretty hard one particular start. The engine smoothed out as it ran for...
  6. Dang, It's Cold Outside!

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    Nothing special, just General Discussion Here in FL, we don't have to do a lot to winterize our cars, but if you're anywhere around Boston, you'll see -4 degrees F tonight. (1-6-18) The weather man says that will be a record low. So I'm just curious, what yous guys in the COLD Country are...
  7. Reducing Cold Start wear

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I read several thread about engine wear on cold starts, so I thought i would share some experience that many may find valuable. In my youth I tuned engines for racing, and discovered the interesting properties of molybdenum disulphide additive in protecting engine bores and bearings. The...
  8. Greetings from the great cold north

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Al. I picked up a sweet deal on my wheels. So far, I love my 2015 Exclaim. The ONLY gripe is the time it takes to warm up.
  9. Cold weather warm-up

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I have this 2013 Soul !. The weather here is St. Louis has been rather mild (40's). I have been jumping in it in the morning and just taking off. It seems to get warm pretty quick. This morning I woke up to about an inch of snow, so I thought I'd warm the car up to melt it of the glass...
  10. 1.6l Base Cold Air Honolulu style

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Installed the Injen Cold Air this weekend and as Honolulu reported it mounted up perfectly. The resonator for the stock airbox is a little tricky to get out without removing the bumper but with the right approach it can definitely be done. I just removed the plastic rock shield from under the...
  11. Cold air intake

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Just an fyi..... I have a nice cold air intake system. I bought a weapon r intake with the cold air kit. I took the cold air kit and ran it up under the inner fenderwell, had to remove it to do so. It was actually pretty easy to do.I then removed the left fender fake vent and cut out the opening...
  12. 2015 Soul AC not blowing cold

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    My Soul had an oil change Wednesday. AC has been working fine. Stopped at home this afternoon for about an hour and when I left, the AC suddenly wasn't blowing cold. It blows just not cold or even cool. Doesn't feel like it is blowing as hard as it should but not 100% sure about that. It is at...
  13. DIY cold air intake

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Hi I have a 2011 1.6 diesel Soul and have looked everywhere but can't find a cold air kit for the 1.6 so I'm hoping to make my own? Has anyone else done this and was wondering what you used? And how did you get on with connecting maf sensor any help would be great thanks
  14. FINALLY! Aftermarket Cold Air Intake CAI For 2nd Gen Base 1.6L

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Like many of you fellow 2nd gen Base 1.6L owners out there, I'd been thru an exhaustive search for a CAI application for our cars. Lots of applications for the 2.0L, a few for the 1st gen Base 1.6L, but none specifically designed to fit the 2nd gen 1.6L, and none that I knew of that could be...
  15. Update to DIY Cold Air/SR Intake #NotYourGrandmasSoul

    How To / DIY (Gen 2)
    Previously I had talked about the DIY short ram intake and how simple it was. Well, after some time of looking over things and using a part or two from the factory air box/ assembly, I think we're on the right track. In order to do this you'll need to remove the entire factory air intake and air...
  16. For what it's worth Cold Air/Short Ram DIY

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    I'm sure this has already been covered in some way so apologies in advance. Some CAI or short ram intakes can be pricey sometimes. I found I saved a good bit of money by doing it myself. If you're wanting to do it yourself, it's pretty simple and takes about an hour, maybe less. Your local auto...
  17. 2.0 Cold air for 1.6

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    Sorry if this has been covered. Looking to add cold air to my 1.6l. Not expecting for serious gains, just love the look under the hood. Anyways, can't find one anywhere. The 2.0l throttle body and engine bay setup looks identical. Does anyone know if the 2.0 cold air setups will work on the 1.6l?
  18. Manual 6-speed - clutch shudder when cold from start?

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    I've been noticing recently that on cold starts in the morning (it's rainy and cold here in Seattle right now), my '16 base soul with 6-speed manual transmission shudders quite a bit for the first 4 or 5 attempts to accelerate from a stop in 1st gear. It doesn't do it after that, even if the...
  19. 2010 Soul Won't Start When Cold

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    My husband has a 2010 Soul. It won't start when it's cold outside. We replaced the battery January 1, 2015. If it's warm outside or if the car has been recently driven and the engine is still warm, it starts fine. Right now, it's very cold outside and the car will only start when jumped by our...
  20. help with cold air intake

    How To / DIY (Gen 2)
    Hello I'm looking to build a cold air intake with a short Pipe and k&n filter . Can anyone provide measurements from their K&N intake or SSD intake for the pipe . And what size K&N filter is used , I prefer the short filter