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  1. Bought a 2013 + 2.0 manual, hope it's not a clunker

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    Hey all, Bought a 2013 + 2.0 in manual transmission and the car looked pretty clean, but have been having issues where the engine compression is so low that it's turning over when parked in gear and I either push it or it's on a hill. Hoping to hear if this is normal behavior or not.
  2. Cash For Clunker results for Soul

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    The preliminary numbers of new Souls bought via Cash for Clunkers: 4,743 Soul 2010
  3. No more Clunker

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    Hello everyone. I just traded in my 18 yr old Chevy 4 wheeler for a black Exclaim yesterday..Absolutely love it. Looking forward to taking part in this forum.
  4. No More Clunker

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    Greetings from the City Of Champions! Pittsburgh, PA (no making fun of our aaa baseball team) I finally have one thing nice to say about Obama - Clunkers. I traded an older Blazer with 150K miles, body damage, and failing parts for my first: Foreign car, 4 cylinder, Kia. I bought the 2010...
  5. Another MD Clunker headed to the scrap yard...

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    I'm in the process of trading in my 1990 4.3L Chevy S10 pickup for a base Silver Soul. Luckily the truck, which was a second vehicle, just made it at 18MPG. Since all the other trim levels of the Soul get 26MPG, the base was the only one I could get the full $4,500 incentive on. Since I...
  6. Salvage Value of Your Clunker???

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    If you traded in a Clunker for Cash - the Dealer is required to tell you what the Salvage Value of your trade in is. Question - Did your Dealer/Salesman tell you or show you on your sales order - what the value of your trade in clunker is? My Salesman showed salvave value of $50.00 and showed...