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  1. Parking brake not grabbing as hard as it should after caliper install.

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Hello all. I just swapped both the rear calipers on my soul (2014, base, manual, 1.6), had a sticky piston on one side, and a slowly failing one on the other as well. I re-tensioned up the e brake cable (using this as a guide), and it does grab the rotor a bit, but not enough to hold my car in...
  2. 2104 Soul Base Rear Caliper Issuers

    Soul Problems (Gen 2)
    Bought new in 2014. Pretty much trouble free, until.... I recently replace pads and rotors on all 4 wheels and I completely wore down my right rear pads in 3 weeks. I thought it might be a bad caliper so I replaced the right rear caliper last night and put new rear pads on both sides. Went for a...
  3. New Brake Rotor and Caliper Install Now Snap Pop noise in Reverse

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    Hi, I have a weird issue that is driving me crazy. Just had new "aftermarket" pads and rotors (from Autozone) installed in the front and right after, I get this strange snap type noise, only when the car is warm and has been driven for a bit to "heat up" brakes and when only going in reverse, I...
  4. FREE Brake Caliper Covers - for 2014 Kia Soul - Chula CA

    Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Hey Guys - So I am trying to get some caliper cover for my 2014 Kia Soul. MPG Caliper covers makes them but only for up to 2013. They said however if I could find someone on the fourms to bring in their Kia 2014 SOUL to the shop for measurements they will give that person free caliper covers...
  5. front wheel caliper

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    well i broke my left front wheel caliper and now looking for some advice. first where would be a good place to get this part i have a 2014 base model 1.6?

    Korean Auto Imports
    Hello Soul Owners! We are looking for new CUSTOM ENGRAVING designs to produce for MGP Caliper Covers. So, you guys tell us which designs you'd like to see produced next and we'll do the rest! Learn more about MGP Caliper Covers: Korean Auto Imports - Search Results for "mgp" We have been a WD...
  7. Brake Caliper Paint

    Aftermarket modifications (Gen 1)
    Bought a G2 caliper paint kit a few months ago and finally got around to doing the deed today. The paint is a 2-pack brush on paint and ultimately more durable than spray-paint. Also, I wanted orange and I couldn't find the proper paint in that colour as a spray. Just took these two quick pics...
  8. Caliper Covers Question

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Question for those of you who are Mechanically Inclined. I just recently purchased a pair of Red Caliper Covers. They require to be glued on to the Calipers. My question is, will this impede any brake servicing in the future? Will these be in the way for replacing brake pads, rotors and such...
  9. Help me decide caliper color

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    If you all could help me decide caliper color? While the red does clash a bit I still like it. But I decided Yellow and the Green were okay as well. What do you think?