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  1. Soul Problems (Gen 1) 6:41 minutes 11:30 minutes. Avoid intro by starting at 1:07. 4.38 minutes
  2. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    I just bought a new Soul Base 1.6 with automatic and love it so far (1 week and 200 miles). Very comfortable and versatile, and so far getting about 29MPG on the trip computer in mixed stop-and-go and hilly 2-lane roads while trying to vary engine speed for proper break in. One question I have...
  3. Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    It snowed pretty good here last night and it was an hour drive into work today. I was very shocked to see the amount of slush build up on the lower portion of the rear door where it meets the rear fender. It looks like it is just the way the body buldges at that point. I've never had this...
1-3 of 3 Results