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  1. Finally got this bad boy UV

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    We'll worth the $ it's genuine from the dealership. Guy was a douche bag, but whatever. I love that it matches my paint Job. Great buy definitely recommend it.
  2. Gave my baby boy his first bath earlier today!

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    I'm finally getting around to posting a few shots I took after I had just slaved over scrubbing all the dirt off. :( :D
  3. This boy is having too much FUN!

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  4. SOULjah boy's Milk Carton (pics)

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    Hi this is my first post and I would like to first introduce my Soul called the Milk Carton. I'm from southern cal. and I have had my soul for over a month. All I can say is I LOVE my soul! I added little mods to the car so enjoy! :D The Milk Carton -SOULjahboy
  5. Heya from a jersey boy

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    Hey, Luken here from central Jersey. I just ordered a shadow Soul Sport, it should be coming on Thursday. I already have some big plans for it. I can finally park the car I've been driving (a 1992 Jaguar XJS V12) and start restoring it. ^^