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    im a gearhead but souls are new to me, 2013 red, manual base, runs good but having eps check engine light issues steering has no increased resistance at increased speeds, very dangerous on the hwy and the main code is p2159 Vss no Ujoint issues, no damper issues rack seems tight was just...
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    Excited to learn about this vehicle, it's the 6 speed base, black on black, and I am already planning some upgrades. First will be the cruise control add, then it will be either keyless entry (aftermarket), or the center counsol depending on my funds. This isn't my first Kia, had a base 5 speed...
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    Love it so far looking to post in buy sell trade looking for a Few things hoping the community can help me out
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    I bought a Titanium Gray Soul+ with the Primo package yesterday from University Kia in Durham NC. I had to replace my wife's 2001 PT Cruiser so I took the plunge. I rented a Soul+ for a week last year so I was happy with the driving experience. I thought I wanted a white one so 3 days ago I...
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    Bought a used, 2014 Soul! to tow behind a motor home. I wanted a solar yellow soul with the Exclaim wheels. DH wanted the panoramic roof. Apparently, KIA no longer makes yellow Souls. Once I found our Soul! online, my DH flew approx. 1500 miles to drive her back home. :onthego: Turns out...
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    I joined here years ago but haven’t been active but now hope to be. I formerly drove a 2011+, but was in an accident a few weeks ago and it was totaled. The plan was to drive it until spring, hand it off to my daughter when she gets her license and THEN buy a new one. But plans change! I went...
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    Hey all, Bought a 2013 + 2.0 in manual transmission and the car looked pretty clean, but have been having issues where the engine compression is so low that it's turning over when parked in gear and I either push it or it's on a hill. Hoping to hear if this is normal behavior or not.
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    Hello, names Abdicus. Just joining your community. I tend to work on my sister's cars for her and she just got a new-to-her 2015 Soul+ with about 47k miles on it.
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    Hi all, we just bought our first Soul for my wife this afternoon. It's a One Million limited edition in Mysterious Blue. My wife has loved the Soul since it came out. Our kids are older and she no longer has to haul Girl Scouts all over so she's downsizing from a 2009 Ford Flex to the Soul...
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    Hi I just bought the 2018 OneMillion edition Soul+ , I want to customize and or upgrade it as it didn’t come with the the left and right rear view mirrors with the “ Automated, Repeater light , Heated, version” that the Soul exclaim! Model comes with and I really wanted it,,,, but I bought the...
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    Hi just bought the 2018 Soul+ onemillion edition and hoping you guys can help me with some modification help? I need help with my right and left rear view side mirrors as the edition and or Model I bought does not have the REPEATER LIGHTS AND AUTO FOLDING that the other models like the EXCLAIM...
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    Hello all, I am absolutely amazed at the information this forum has to offer. I never realized how popular these little cars are until I started searching for aftermarket body parts. I would also like to get rid of the stock stereo. Any suggestions? Looking forward to meeting all of you.
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    Only went to test drive one. Started with the 1.6 turbocharged version, all the bells and whistles. Nice car but couldn’t justify the price so went with the Plus version. Traded my old 97 Jeep Wrangler, 340 thousand miles. So far, love this little car. Solid and seems well built and I can haul a...
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    I traded in my Fiat 500L for a 2015 ! Green, moon roof, nav, and the cool colored interior lights. Really glad my Fiat had electrical issues that couldn’t be fixed, cause I love my new Soul
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    My trusty battle wagon for thirteen years, my 2004 Scion xB Hatchback, was totaled in a rear-end accident in early November. I still miss that car. It may have been worn out at 168,000 miles, but I lived a lot of life in that thing. Alas, the frame was bent, so I had to let it go. Purchased...
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    Hello, I've only had my Soul for a couple weeks now but have been enjoying reading what other owners are saying about their cars. I look forward to hearing more stories and getting a lot of useful information from everybody. Thanks for all the great posts!
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    Howdy, Folks! Just last night, I purchased my first Soul! It's a base model 2015 in Titanium. I fell in love with the Soul from they day it was introduced, and now I have one. I'm super stoked on it. I felt immediately at home during my test drive last night. It's a manual, and I couldn't be...
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    Trying to decide between 2.0 or 1.6T... Really like the brown leather interior they put in some Souls in 2015, shame the only new ones have brown exteriors. Red or light blue with brown leather would be so sweet... cheers Kurt
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    Just bought a new '17 Soul Plus 2.0L AT & previous car was a '15 Base Soul 1.6L...... Owned a 2015 KIA Soul Base with the 1.6L. Love the room of any Soul but while my base engine was OK back in flat Illinois, the 1.6L didn't perform all that well with the mountains here when we moved to...
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    Hello. Just bought a 201 kia soul. So far seems like a good vehical.