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  1. Newbie On Board

    New Member Introductions
    :applause: Evening All Newbie on board from Ireland, driving a 2014 Kia Soul 1.6 D Ex
  2. 200 across the board price increase

    Soul General Discussion (Gen 1)
    I reported a few days ago that the USAA buying service had shown a 200 dollar price increase across the board for the Soul. The Kia site does not reflect this. However, in researching the Kia Soul inventory, I noticed that some of the newer cars showing up had a price anomaly as compared to...
  3. Saw these on another board and got to thinking:

    Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 1)
    Remember the 90s? It seemed that these wheels were on a bunch of Miatae, Cabrios, and Jettas. Now, I wonder if anyone has considered making a Hamster wheel like the Ronal Bear from the 90s. In 16" or 18", I think it could work pretty well. I also wonder if there is enough interest to find a...
  4. Suffering DASH BOARD

    New Member Introductions
    So my new soul is a cpl weeks old and i decided to armour all it today and it left pretty bad stains on the dash, im beside myself as i saw this happen. Ive used this same stuff on my last car and other town cars. I even tried another kind of vinyal wipe and same thing but worse. Is it the kind...
  5. do they make nerf/running board for my soul

    Soul Accessories (Gen 1)
    Hi Soul owners;I'm a newbie...just bought the Kia Soul Exclaim 2 wks ago. Hope someone here can give me some advice. I am 4" 11" and my Exclaim is on 18" wheels ; so getting in and out is difficult. I need a small nerf or running board. Do they make EOM bar for the Exclaim? Will I void my...
  6. Hi new to the board with a few questions.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi to all you SOUL lovers out there. This is my first post..BTW. I'm a recently converted pick-up man here. I have been slowly mod-ing my 2010 Soul+ with little things such as front factory match tint, vent visors, wheel locks, brushed aluminum fuel door, Stillen intake, red billet oil cap...
  7. My moss Soul with SSD racks and paddle board!

    Owners Photo Gallery
    I got my SSD racks late last week and I'm here to say, they are fantastic. They look great, work great, and were easy to mount and attach. And best of all, I can now use my Soul to haul my stand-up paddle board around. Bueno!
  8. Dash board indicator light.

    Soul Problems (Gen 1)
    The dashboard indicator which should show when sidelights has been selected has malfunctioned, the service department has replaced the replacement circuit board and still no joy. Is this in any way a common fault. Service department have no knowledge of this particular model and are dragging...