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    London Airport Kia has invited SCO members and any want to be's to a free bbq on Aug 23. Should try to be there at about 10:30am. After that if anyone wants to we can go to Port Bruce which would be on the way back to the GTA. If you need more info you can email me at [email protected]
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    Lindsay Kia are once again hosting a BBQ and show at their Lindsay, Ontario headquarters. The Soul Club of Ontario went last year and were made extremely welcome. They had great goodies bags and other stuff going on. SCO members are once...
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    My dealership London's Airport Kia wants to put on a FREE BBQ for all members of SCO. All they need is 2 weeks notice and approx how many are showing up. So all we need is a date that will not conflict with any other planned event and it should be a go. I am also trying to contact the race...
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    Yesterday, Trento Kia hosted their second Annual BBQ. Just like last year, the weather was HOT! Hot and sticky. Much time was spent sitting in the shade in lawn chairs. Here's some pics................. Funky headlights on scirroco's beautiful car. Gary Townshend's car...
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    Short notice but Trento is having their 2nd BBQ next Sunday (June 23rd). All are welcomed. Martin and Christine, it would be nice if you could attend. It was a blast last year.
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    Trento KIA had its First BBQ Meet today, open just for us KIA owners. The majority of the cars that showed up were all Fortes but 9 Souls did show up. It was an extremely HOT day here in Toronto today..Thank Goodness for Shade and Cold drinks. It was a Great event. Of course all the regular...
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    Nextmod is holding their 2nd Anniversary BBQ on the 18th of September. As always it starts at 12 but if we want good parking we need to be there around 11. Who's in? 1. SOUL4U 2. TIGGRESS 3. Marc 4. Homer1 5. Cupcake3 6. D113 7. Gary Townshend 8. BLKKoup
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    Gary's beautiful Lava reflected in his matching sunglasses. Marc's beautiful Hearing Aid Beige reflected in........... We all had to delete lots of photos due to glare. :D
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    Here's a few examples of pics from the Cruise. All my pics are at: 26 June Cruise and Barbecue pictures by Martin_Thoene - Photobucket SOUL4U was still building his car in the Tim Hortons car park :) HEY! Isn't that Michelle Wie? Now you can see the WeatherTech visors.
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    Hey Look what I found. Anyone interested, I would love to see a whack load of us out to this. I will be going, and we will organize with the Forte Forums. Also if you know anyone who has any Kia bring them aswell. Cheers, SOUL4U Nextmod 1 Year Anniverary - Aug 15th Nextmod 1 Year Anniverary...