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    About to take delivery on a 2016 Soul +. I'm primarily interested in the audio upgrade threads so far. Appears that the aftermarket doesn't show much love to the Soul. Sad. I see so many on the road, the market must be pretty ripe for a dual 10 sub box and a T harness...
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    2014 soul in Austin Tx looking mainly at tech. questions. Absolutely Love this car! Eric, Austin Tx.
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    Howdy, Thanks for the add, my name is Tom. I just bought a 2016 ! with the Umber package in Cloud White Metallic. I'm looking forward to getting to know other members of the forum and learning about my Soul. As I can I also look forward to shareing information I may have learned.
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    After a dead 2001 honda civic leaving my gf and i stranded in the middle of the desert in Indio, CA at the Coachella music festival it was time for a new ride. Minimum requirements: Good milage, Holds all of my guitar gear (412 orange cab, orange head, pedalboard, guitars), reputable...
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    Just bought a Kia Soul...2012....:)
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    Well after 10 years of Honda driving I went for the Kia Soul ! Alien Green. What surprised me when goingto the dealer that this! trim had both the black body kit and the rear spoiler. When looking on the Kia web site I thought the rear spoiler was only offered on the sport trim. The wierd...