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  1. Central
    Looks like its about that time to venture through natures most beautiful wonders. Taking the scenic route on Caledon's beautiful back roads, famous clay hills, beautiful waterfalls, and beautiful hike. The day will begin at 11:00 at Tim Hortons (4985 Ebenezer Rd Brampton, ON L6P 2W6). Our...
  2. Central
    1600+ vehicles one location. We are going tomorrow, you coming??? 1. Rob 2. Daniela 3. Heather 4. Don 5. Doug 6. Hayes
  3. Mid-West
    Planning a Hyundai Kia meet in Detroit Michigan during dream cruise weekend. Was originally planned on the 20th but that's the day of the Woodward dream cruise and activities and space may be limited due to the traffic and ppl for the cruise. So the day before is a good day as any to meet and...
  4. North-East
    Just seeing if any of you guys will be joining us for our second meet. Here are the details - Possible Ohio meet [Forum - SK Local Chapter Meets]