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  1. Interesting Article?

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    24 new cars Americans love most in 2014 - MSN Autos
  2. Soul quality - 2014 report

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    In light of complaints, an interesting article... The Soul shows up under Compact MPV behind the Mazda 5... Auto quality problems on the rise, according to 2014 J.D. Power study - MSN Autos
  3. Article on 2014 Kia Soul January 9, 2014

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    Kia's New Soul: 2014 Kia Soul Review - Atlanta Cars | Kia's New Soul: 2014 Kia Soul Review - Atlanta Cars |
  4. Anyone else read this article? Doesn't sound good for Kia and Souls

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    Hyundai, Kia overstated mileage on over 1 million cars - Yahoo! News Just got back from 11/2 hour visit for routine 15000 maintenance at dealership. Basically, this was an oil change, multi-inspection and cabin air filter change. The dealer didn't look at my headliner problem, as he had said...
  5. Kia most loyal owners article.

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    Data shows that Kia currently boasts the most loyal owner body, with nearly 48 per cent of buyers returning to the brand this year. Ford is second highest with 46.5 per cent repeat business. Chevrolet, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda all registered around 40 per cent brand loyalty, with Subaru...
  6. Soul article in AAA Magazine

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    I saw this in a magazine a co-worker brought to work. Not much substance but I found it interesting that they mentioned the Nissan Versa and Honda Fit as other cars to consider instead of the Cube and Scion.
  7. Great Newspaper article

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    Below is a link to The Globe and Mail Auto section in which the Soul got a fantastic write up. :D
  8. Nice Article on Soul/ KIA

    Kia Soul News Nice read.
  9. Austrailian article, SOUL site

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    Article: I liked this site for its "build tool". It let me see that the houndstooth applique should be available in white or black as I was hoping - YES! You can also play with some other appliques. If I remember correctly...