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    Aloha everyone! My name is Adam and I just purchased a brand spankin new Kia Soul. I'm pretty stoked on it, it being the only manual on the lot. For every car I've owned, I've been a part of the forum along with it. I think it's a great place to build community, and get inspired for new...
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    . .No fancy introduction here ;) i rented a Kia ® Soul 7 years ago in L/A and liked it . .drove it several thousand miles . to and from the Grand Canyon and Colorado. .then rented another one . . in 2 0 1 6 and liked that one also . .so. .after i rented another one on the East Coast USA ...
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    Hello fellow Soul fans! I just purchased my 2016 Soul Base A/T tonight. Will be bringing it home tomorrow from the dealer. I spent a few weeks as a guest here in the forums and learned quite a bit from your experiences. I came upon buying my Soul after my 2000 Chevy S10 bit the big one. I...
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    Aloha....I love this car....I bought my Silver 2015 Soul brand new in April. But only now i discovered this site. I've added interior LEDs and a pair of DRLs. Im slowly moding my ride. Hoping to get more mods done.
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    Hey there, got my Soul yesterday. Excited to see mod's and whatever else... Have a good day Soulsters!
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    I've had my new Soul for one week and 3 days. So far I like her pretty well, and I'm just trying to get used to her after driving Jeeps for the past 23 years. (Loved my Jeeps, but done with 18MPG). I have a Q for you all experienced Soul owners; Has anyone found fairly nice seat covers for...
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    Aloha and I'd like to say, I've admired Souls ever since they first hit the streets. Whereas Scion xB's got fat and ungainly, Souls . . . well, they "kept their Soul." Traded an '07 Mustang for a new '14 Soul Exclaim with the Kinetic Edition package (alien green - wicked) and my wife and I...
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    Bought a 2014 Soul on Labor Day for my wife's birthday. Ever since she rode in her friend's 2013 Plus, she's had her sights set on one. She wanted a manual trans, so it had to be a Base trim. Got a great deal on an end-of-year model with quite a few dealer-installed options: OEM rear...
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    Aloha, My name is Chris and I am a proud owner of a 2013 Kia soul base. I originally bought it to commute in California but I now live on the island of Oahu and it only is driven maybe 1K miles a year. I finally have it paid off and I want to start to customize it! Not really sure if I want to...
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    Aloha! New owner of 2011 Kia Soul & need help getting image to upload to my garage?? Help me plzzzz!!
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    Traded our '09 Honda Ridgeline RTS, bought new fall '09 at invoice. 12/11/10 bought an Alien Soul + A/T from a local dealer. Sticker was $22235 after a $4400 market price adjustment, couldn't get them lower than MSRP $17835. Qualified for $750 competitive rebate, no sales tax due to trade...
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    from columbus, Ohio (Grove City). I am currently waiting on a loan agreement on a kia Soul Ghost. :p "can you see me now?" :eek:
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    Picked up my Soul this past weekend - wife and I love it :)
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    Got a + (I think), I'll have to run it thru a VIN decoder just to make sure, it's black, I mean Shadow. It will be the first black car I have ever owned. Named it Mi-Ok (beautiful pearl), in this case it's a black pearl.