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  1. New Member Introductions
    hello Kia owners. just bought a new Soul and we love it. It,s the second one we,ve owned. Mediteranian blue with 18 inch wheels and tires. soul Sx with a 2 litre engine and leather interior. Great vehicle for winter driving here in Alberta. I have nothing bad to say about the vehicle but I do...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello from the Great White North! I'm picking up my Soul LX+ M/T tonight. I have never owned a new car in my life, but after my thirty year old "if you can fix it you can have it" Oldsmobile left me stranded on the highway about a month ago my fiance had me looking at new cars. Since I'm an...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Proud owner of a 2014 Kia Soul SX Luxury in Titanium. Really enjoying the ride. I have been a lurker on these boards for a while and now thought it would be a good time to come out and play.
  4. Western
    Read about this in the Toronto Star. Alberta buyers beware. Alberta auto watchdog warns buyers over dealer deception - Edmonton - CBC News
  5. New Member Introductions
    :D Hey guys, I just wanted to say hi, and announce our joyous new ownership of a 2013 KIA Soul 4u! :confused: I have one silly question to ask of everyone who cares to answer, and that is this: what does everyone refer to their Soul as? I can't quite call it a car, and it's definitely not a...
  6. New Member Introductions
    It's been a week now of driving and I am very happy with my new 2013 Soul 2u MT! Test drove a 2012 Honda Fit Sport, 2012 Suzuki SX4, 2012 Mazda3 Sport GS SKY, 2012 Subaru Impreza, 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT, 2013 Kia Forte5 and the 2012 Kia Rio5. While all these cars provided me with valid...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Well, i just purchased a 2011 Soul 4U SX, and i love it. Fully loaded, 18 inch rims, The list is long, so i'll stop there. I'll post pics when i clean it up. The weather in this retarded province is all over the place right now, so washing it is pretty useless for now. hope to talk to some...
  8. Western
    It's confirmed, we're going to Didsbury! ...Where the heck is Didsbury?!? The annual All Make Show 'n Shine is happening in Didsbury Alberta on May 7th. Didsbury is about an hour North of Calgary and has been a local hot rodders spring tradition for years. There is an admission fee for...
  9. Western
    Here's the idea... Drawing on the UKE idea of including all Kia Enthusiasts, I'd like to get as many KIA people together at Northland Kia in Calgary on Saturday morning. Then head up to Didsbury for the Annual Show n' Shine there, It's about an hours drive and the entry fee is a donation to the...
  10. New Member Introductions
    I bought a Molten 4U yesterday but won't have delivery until Thursday. I thought I should join a forum to help me get the most out of my "Soul Experience". I have had a Smart Car for more than 3 years now, and I started thinking about a new car a couple of months ago. My inlaws are coming to...
  11. Western
    Just purchased a Vanilla Soul 4U Retro, pick it up tomorrow! I plan to make a few minor modifications (possibly a grill), but keep it classy. I'll post pics soon. What's the general consensus of the Soul's winter driving ability?
  12. New Member Introductions
    Currently in Alberta finishing up projects etc - and in two short years will find ourselves back on the BC coast with our new Soul Retro in Denim. The white was actually a favourite, but the dash in the retro was a must have. The ebony was also not bad but difficult to maintain. Most likely...
  13. New Member Introductions
    hellooooooo out there. my name is cat and i am in alberta canada and man i love the soul!!!! im going to look at one this weekend. only a few hours to wait. have looked at alot of pictures and now the kia dealship has gotten one in. yea!!!!!!!...:):D:eek:
1-13 of 13 Results