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  1. Vendor Deals
    We've found another solid deal, but time is super limited on this one! The Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam is packed with features including 1080P recording quality, front and cabin-facing cameras, infared nightvision, motion-activated parking mode, and more. Regularly priced at $199.99, it's marked...
  2. Aftermarket modifications (Gen 2)
    For anyone who wants to know what 35% tint looks like. The guy at the tint shop had a light meter that measured the rears at 28%, and once the fronts were installed they were 31%. (Windows are slightly tinted from factory so installing 35% ends up being 31%)
  3. Soul Tire & Wheel (Gen 2)
    Hi, My Soul is still on original tire, size is 225-45-18. It's now time to replace and I have a very good deal on (used but almost new) tire size 225-40-18. I called 2 tire shops and Kia directly and they all told me I cannot use this size of tire. With 225-40-18 there is a difference of...
  4. How To / DIY (Gen 1)
    Saw this and thought I'd share for you DIYers... Advance Auto Parts offers 35% off Online Orders when you apply promo code MISSUL42 at checkout. The discount varies by date (see table below). Shipping is free on $75 or more or you may opt for free store pickup. 35% off your order on 10/17...
1-4 of 5 Results