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General Information

4U Burner
It is loaded except it is a manual transmission.
I've had it since May 09, first mod was rear speaker lights, and under the seats. First (and last) problem was a cracked windshield at around 3 months old.
2010 Kia 4U Burner (Molten)


I just ordered a SSD strut tower brace, and I am waiting not so patiently for my KFX CAI. I spent hours cleaning under the hood before Hamsters in the Mist II, and after Soulsailor's husband donned latex gloves to avoid getting his hands covered in rust proofing grease when installing the redline hydraulic hood strut. :) All cleaned up under the hood, added a Takeda CAI, SSD strut tower brace,a Soul engine cover, and Fushia LED`s, also removed most of the warning labels. The label infront of the rad and on the rad cap and the battery are all gone now. peeled off easily.
Red LEDs in the rear speakers and sub, under the seats and in the cupholders, and the front footwells.
I have started sound proofing moving from the hatch forward. I'm waiting for warmer weather to finish. an inexpensive car DVR. has been added, it plays back in 5min. segments on a micro SD card.
DIY d/s and p/s window tint, LEDs under the head lights, burner grille, painted calipers. DIY brake light cover, flames! European rear fog lights that act as brake, signal and running lights. A Nextmod flameboy sticker. Blacked out Kia emblems. I bought some slightly used halo projector headlights this spring(13). I removed the 'Soul' badge on the tailgate and dipped the licence plate surrounds. and KIA badges.
Ipod cable, that is all I listen to. I had Sirius for 3 yrs. and rarely used it.
Wheel and Tire
215 65 16 Good year Nordic winter tire on steel wheel, for the winter.
225 45 18" Hankook Optimo summer tire (stock)
Enkei Raijan 18" wheels. with red lugs. and "Soul" valve stem covers.



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