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2013 Kia Soul Base
Recently bought my Kia Soul after being sick and couldn't pay both my medical bills, house bills, and my car note on my 2012 Nissan Altima 2.5 S with a sunroof. After so called making a deal with GM financial to catch up on my payments, GM hired someone to come and take away my beautiful baby. That day I blamed myself because I could pay my medical bills, I was trying to keep the roof over my head, and my car note became overly expensive once my medical bills started coming. That same day I happened to look into the news paper to try and look for another vehicle, when I was hit with a miracle. My 2013 Kia Soul Base, although it has been a step down from my Altima. I have absolutely loved my Soul from day one. Everything about the driving dynamics is just perfect, especially with the roads being filled with pot holes! I've ran into some trouble with my Soul, the first day I took it home the spark plug was wet which was making the car in a way skip. Took it back the next day and it was automatically fixed. Later on I've had two tires go out on. One tire was from being slashed by the metal surrounding a gas station pump. The other one some how got a nail in it and I had to replace. Seeing as how my Soul didn't have the spare wheel, after my second encounter with my wheel I bought the kit. Now I've been enjoying smooth driving with over 12k miles and counting... I do plan to modify my Kia Soul, I already have a very long list of things I want to do.
2014 Kia 2013 Kia Soul Base (White)


I'm gonna try and increase the horsepower from its already 138hp, gonna try and go for at least 150hp not that much below the 2.0L
Don't really have any plans for the interior yet at the moment.
Would love to able to get the headlights setup that the 2013 Kia Soul Exclaim has but if not I'm gonna try and find out how I can get xenon HID Halogen headlights. I'll also install fog lights, a spoiler, roof racks, and the first thing after getting my wheels would be having my local dealer install a sunroof.
Wheel and Tire
Trying to decide if I'm gonna get the 2014 Kia Soul Exclaim wheels or the 2013 Kia Soul Exclaim. I really would love to see what the 18 inches looks like on my snow white.



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