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  • Dandywankers ·
    We Shall Be having our October Meet on the 17th at Noon for some Lunch for the Soul!

    We shall see once again try the sonics drive-up!

    Please Email me with your name and number to the email below If you can make, also please put a yes or nay on here as well so we can gather up some more numbers!

    Last Meet we had 3 people and it was a good time, now lets see if we can double it or more!

    once again the details are as followed

    When: October 17th
    Time: High Noon
    Where: Sonic Drive In
    1632 N. Lemon Street
    Anaheim, CA 92801

    Of course i'll be there!
    Will you?
    Also Please provide me with your email address as well so i'll email you info there in case of changes
    1. [email protected]
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