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  • bburns1955 ·
    Hi, your car is beautiful! You PM'd Cash2010 on the molding, but I was wondering about that too -- I LOVE it, & would love to add that to the 2018 Soul + I recently bought. Will you please let me know if I can buy that anywhere? Thanks! Becky :)
    Cash2010 ·
    Soul Sailor, I hope that truly is your Soul and not a photo shop. One of the nicest ones I've seen. I have a 2010 from new and just last year decided I did not want a new one, so have started the modifications on it. Hard to see the bottom of your ride, is that black paint or molding on the sides and back. Can you tell me the name of the pieces if it came from
    Just kidding on the photo shop. I have been photoshop painting mine for the last week changing the Alien to an Audi Sonoma Green. Taking the plunge tomorrow to have it painted. Nervous about the color.
    Keizeror ·
    Love your aluminum engine cover with the soul logo - do they sell that non- stock? My engine (2012 1.6) has a cover but I would just like to find the aluminum soul logo plate. Any ideas? Thanks!! Mike
    scirocco ·
    You need to e-mail Tempest some pics of your burner grille. You don't want Marc to steal the show with his pictures on Soul Tweaks do you? I hope you are enjoying California!
    SoulACE ·
    Hello and great looking soul ....was wondering where you got that hood deflector and do you know if it comes for the 2012+ souls thanks......
    mike ·
    do you know where is the best place to get intake. I work for kia and we have nothing listed at all. The best i can find is K&N $297.
    RB FLYER ·
    Hey Sailor - I am the new one you pick-up on your fall cruise. I had a great time. The weather was perfect and the people were great too. Unfortunatly I cannot view the pictures right now - I'm sure they are very cool.
    Me and my baby SOUL would love to do it again. I wil try to keep up on things.
    Homer1 ·
    Hey. We can meet there if you like. Just give me a time and directions (again). Between work and family my brains seem to be a little scattered lately.
    popkurn611 ·
    Soul Sailor, did you just put those rims on?? I was thinking of getting them and replacing my SE Ghost black alloy rims with those ones, they are sweet. Also, did you install those roof racks, another nice feature.
    stumpy ·
    Greetings! I'm the owner of the Sterling Soul 4U you left a card for today.

    It's funny. I've tried to register several times before, but I never get the email registrations. I finally was able to today! So, hi!
    Soul Sailor ·
    On this site under Community drop down there are all kinds of clubs for certain areas. There is a Canadian soul (which is not active very much) but no Ontario.
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