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  • Lil Brute ·
    Just got into Columbus about an hour ago, my buddies live about a half mile from German Village in Ganther's Place, looks kinda run down. I'll be up here until Sunday morning Let me know if you'd like to meet for coffee or lunch. Just tell me a time & place to meet and I can GPS the location. :)
    1lro ·
    Wow, small world, yada, yada... I grew up in Toledo, lived in Old Orchard near TU. Later we moved to Sylvania. Now residing in Tucson.

    Lil Brute ·
    Would love to see that lil' beauty SamuraiJack! I'll be in Columbus, OH this weekend for a Halloween Party, perhaps we could meet somewhere for coffee or lunch. :)
    TaylorKiaGriz ·
    What's up? We were the #2 kia dealership for the entire nation last year. Find out what your closest dealership will sell one to you for and then call me. You never know. I have family in Columbus and could come pick you up, then drive you up here to finalize the paperwork. Pays to shop, yeah, a dealership told you that:)


    Taylor KIA
    419-842-8811 x303
    [email protected]
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