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  • MT-ED ·
    I looked at his Garage and there's only one shot that shows the flaps. I think they look good. They don't extend out or down a huge amount, but I'm sure they help with spray.
    mia_nick ·
    Hey sorry about never replying. The wheels are matte black. And recently a drop of gas got on the back right rim and I wiped it off without thinking about it and took paint off. But I'm planning to gloss all of them and eventually get a set of wheels for it and probably lower it aswell. I'm excited about it haha
    Breeves002 ·
    Yeah thought about just duct taping it but nahh... fixed it the right way! I should just remove those bumper stickers........
    dmwagner ·
    Hey Rick, thanks for the nice words. I definitely enjoy your sarcasm and, also appreciate the effort that goes into making that sarcasm stand on a level all to its own. It's good stuff. :D
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