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  • Fit410k ·
    Can you tell me what shade of red is on your red. Zone as i want to add a rally stripe. And need to get the right red.
    Thanks in advance
    soul mates ·
    Marc, Want to buy three black 1.6 liter HAMI stickers with red "A". how do I order and pay? Thanks for your help. Ken Soul Mates.
    JAlan ·
    Hi Marc,

    Just wanted to see if you still have or make the 2.0 Hami stickers. I would love to buy 3 of them.

    dodger2107 ·
    Hi marc this is dodger2107.i ordered 3 decals from you.i know they are coming from canada,do you know how long they take to get here
    Pharmyphil46 ·
    Hi Marc Philip here from Florida,how are you? I have a 2012 base dune color and want the same rocker panel decal,would you tell me where you purchased that from? Thank you...
    pennapolis ·
    Hi Marc! I just realized you may need my address. I really like the "SOUL" brake light (#1) if that's okay.

    Henry Penna
    5230 W Bobwhite Way
    Tucson, AZ. 85742
    Quigs10 ·
    Hey Marc, I'm also interested in the "SOUL" brake light decal. I have Paypal...what email should I send the info and $6 to? Thanks!
    SpartaRican8 ·
    Hi Mark I'm New to the forums and I'm intrested in buying some of your decals..I would like to buy 3 of your hami 1.6 regular since my is an alien color and I have no red in it also I would like to purchase the rear 3 brake light decal that has my soul on it if it is still available?i know you are busy but can you let me know ASAP so I can send u a PayPal pymt thank you for your time
    starscream ·
    Hey Marc, could I buy a HAMI 1.6L decal. I just got my 2013 Soul yesterday and I LOVE that! PM me if you're still doing these and I'll paypal you.
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