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  • hrtandsoul ·
    Hi, this is a three part question: 1) i am looking to get a set of tires for my 2011 Kia Soul !. I want the quietest tires ( i hate road noise) Had a pt cruiser that i had michelin defenders on and they were quiet for about the first 5,000 and then they started their noise. I have the Primacy MXV4 on the soul right now and and I cannot say i am a fan. Any suggestions of some seasoned Soul Owners who can direct me please, would be appreciated. 2) I am looking for a insulation liner that fits under the hood to deaden engine noise. My Soul currently has no insulation under the hood. I know they make an exact fit insulation panel for the hood but not sure where to get it. 3) looking for the engine appearance cover for 2.0L engine. Mine does not have one and I would like one. thanks so much for the help
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