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  • SoulZ ·

    I am new to the site but saw a message you left about a 2014 Kia Soul M/T base hesitation. I though I'd shoot you a message in hopes of getting any kind of suggestions/advice on solving my hesitation problem.

    Recently I purchased my '14 Soul Base stick and now has 1200 miles in it. From day one I have experienced a few hesitations - for one of them at least I know it is to make the shifting smoother after shifting gears. But what really bothers me is the uneven power delivery that I am getting under load between 1800-3000rpm. It is very noticeable especially with the AC on - it feels like it is hesitating or running out of gas. It is not drastic but very noticeable - to the point that a few passengers have noticed too! After 3000rpm it almost disappears but I am very picky and know that even though there is much more power available - it is still not 100% hesitation free. To me it sounds like a poor tuning from the factory and I test drove a 2015 and had the same hesitation. I have even tried using 91Oct but the hesitation is still there.

    Aside from hesitations, I am also getting this noise in the front of the driver's side and it is not shock related because it only does it when shifting directions quickly and it almost sounds like it is a loose wire or something similar (does not sound like a bushing) hitting the body/frame of the car.

    When I said I am a little picky it is not that I am a perfectionist but just expecting a new car to be without these kind of problems at 1200 miles...

    Please shoot me message and let me know if you can think of any solutions.

    I really appreciate any help!

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