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  • Shaggy Wierdo ·
    I found it, did not see it at first. I have approved it, hopefully it will now show up on the menu. It shows that you have 1 message, better than the zero.
    dailygrind ·
    Thanks for responding, I just posted a message there but it says it has to be approved - looks like you were right, I have to be approved before that message will be public on the forum for others to see. Please let me know if I need to do anything else at this point, thanks again for your time.

    Shaggy Wierdo ·
    Have you tried to post an intro message in the New Members Forum? If not, give that a try. We had a terrible rash of spam this past summer and had to put some rules in place to avoid clogging the forum with spam. If you post a message there, I will see it and approve you as a member and then you should be able to post elsewhere. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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