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  • AlienGreen ·
    i know what ya mean and i was lucky to find these seat cover at OLIES ( a bargan store here in PA ) that have some extra patting and fit the seat like they were made for the Soul! I find my rain guards on line and can also say that they are great and were with shipping only 48 dollars so that was a great deal to.

    Is ther something about the Soul that you don't like? I for one don't like the placement of the cupholders and the fact that the interior is so weak when it comes to removing spots of "any" kind ....seems like evem whiping with "water" leaves a mark!!
    pappa_smurf ·
    I'm 6'2" and 245. On long drives the seat tends to get a little uncomfortable with no side bolster cushioning, plus there isn't a whole lot of padding to sit on. The bolsters on the seat back are okay though.
    pappa_smurf ·
    Yeah, I got my splash guards (mud flaps) from a dealer on eBay also. The rest mostly from or .net, can't remember. I bought hood struts from the site in Korea but the parts were not the correct parts, the struts were mismatched. I'm still thinking of getting a hood blanket off of eBay also. But, the noise at highway speeds isn't that bad, the most noise comes from the tires. I just wish the front seats were more comfortable. They are a bit wide and the cushion isn't the best.
    AlienGreen ·
    The rain guards are very nice and I got them online.
    The crack had nothing to do with the quality of the item.
    It had to do with the carrier that handled the shipping.

    I payed in total (item + shipping) 48 dollars.
    soultime ·
    Are those rain guards pretty good quality or how did the one end up cracked. Where did you get them and how much. I was thinking of putting some on my Soul.
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