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  • coleCAL ·
    My 2013 KIA Soul has less than 15,000 miles on it and has already had two blown up clutches. With a 35 year legal career I know what to do. Two Lawsuits (one with the lemon law and the other a class action lawsuit) should bankrupt Hyundia/KIA. KIA needs to recall all their Souls with manual transmissions because the throw-out bearing is bad. That would cost them about 500 Billion dollars leading to bankruptcy.
    Pluto ·
    Hi thanks for the welcome from all the way over there, I'll introduce myself in the forum for newbies thanks again
    matoaca13 ·
    Im getting ready to buy a new Kia soul. Do any of you guys have any advise for what i need to make sure i have on it?
    Denver Dad ·
    hello All this is my first blog ,,, rather new at this I hope I am doing this correctly

    I traded in my full loaded dodge ram 4 x 4 for a fully loaded 2013 Soul Exclaim / premium package .
    although I am still learning all the control its an awesome car . easy in and out . loading is easy , parking is easy love the backup camera . the car is white and looks identical to the car on the current add for the 2013 Soul ( minus the hamsters ) . I have had it a short time ( November ) but I love it and I freely admit I am a soul man .

    i believe the car will be come an iconic car like the vw bug or mini cooper this car and design is here to stay

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