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  • SusaninTX! ·
    Hi All! I recently bought a 2016 Red w/Black top Soul + and before that had a 2013 Vanilla Shake base Soul w/customized wheels and black stripe. I LOVE the new Soul as it has 18" black/silver wheels and a better suspension system. This Soul is my 43 or 44th car (I'm losing count) and I am retired but far from "old". We drove our first Soul in San Diego as a rental on vacation in 2010 and I knew someday I would own one. The other reason is that we live in Houston where drivers are the most aggressive anywhere and most are big trucks or SUV's. When I saw the "Rollover" You Tube of a Soul flipping 3-4 times across a highway and not even the windshield cracked....then the Soul was for me among the WILD SOUTHWEST Interstates here! I will post pics of my new baby when allowed as I am new.
    cggaratty ·
    hello admin. i was wondering as to a voting chart we can put up that will tell us the percentage of men owners vs women owners. i think that would be a cool little tid-bit of info. just a thought.

    Bratboy ·
    Trying to upload pictures but am getting an Invalid file. using jpg 800/600. Please help, Thankyou.
    Ratdaddy ·
    Hey Guy ratdaddy here, Just a question would it be possible to have members at least fill in thier detail as to where they are from it's really getting confuseing trying to figure out what country the post is from......
    mike ·
    Right on you the man. Maybe kia could hand out some gifts. Make sure there is a hotel ,pool and hot tub . I looking forward to that.
    admin ·
    This is in the plans! We are going to talk about the possible location and stuff like that soon...
    mike ·
    Have they thought of ever doing some sort of get to gether. We would all meet with our cars and party for a weekend.
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