USB Flash Drive - What I need to know

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Thread: USB Flash Drive - What I need to know

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    Nov 2010
    South Central KY

    USB Flash Drive - What I need to know

    I know that tunes need to be MP3 on USB flash drive to play nice with radio. I've got an 8 GB mini I'd like to load up and leave in the car. What I'd really like to know is:

    1. Is there any particular order and/or file structure I should use? Should I use folders (for albums or genera) or just load tunes w/o folders?
    2. Are the tunes read by the head unit by artist name, music title, or what?
    3. How do I locate/select a particular track? What head unit controls do what and do they work from the steering wheel controls?

    Before I organize and load 1000+ titles this information would be a great time saver and I'm sure useful for plenty of other Soulsters with large USB keys. I've not found any clear specific information about this on the forum and I'm sure those who are already using USB keys could share some really useful info.

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    I have about 500 MP3 songs on a 2 GB flash drive. I have the songs in about 20 folders labelled with the artist's name. You can scroll to any folder easily although in practice I generally just hit "Random" which plays randomly within the folder or "Allrandom" which plays all available songs on the drive randomly. Check your manual on how to play RDM or ARDM. My only complain is that when you turn the car off and then start it again, the radio forgets if you were in RDM or ARDM and just starts playing the songs in the folder you were in when you turned it off.

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    Dec 2010
    My 16GB USBchip stopped after 1st test, Not sure why. Loaded 3 tier file test, Had Genre, Group Name, Song Name, wrkn G8, After test, pulled Chip,
    returned 2 home/puter 2 fill chip........Chip not reconised, tried re4mat chip, no joy, Reinserted chip in my Soul, same thing...WTF...Tried same test with 512 chip, same thing!
    Seems KarPuter wipes out chip....Whats up with that? All files were MP3.

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    HERE is an ongoing thread full of info......

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    Nov 2010
    One thing I learned about file names is to strip the album name off the file since the folder (album) is already listed on the line above the file. Having album name followed by the song name on a file made it hard to tell the songs apart since the horizontal display is limited and you had to wait for the file name to scroll to read it.

    I also made sure to start the file names with 01 - SONGNAME, 02 - SONGNAME, etc to properly sort.

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