Time to change my transmission fluid?

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Thread: Time to change my transmission fluid?

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    Junior Soul sute09's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    Tampa, fl

    Time to change my transmission fluid?

    On my soul for the 2.0 liter engine, the manual says to inspect the automatic transmission fluid at 40k miles. I have 30k right now and I checked the fluid and it's a light brown in color. Should I get it changed?

    My dealer gave my 2 options. Changing it for $70 or flushing it for $170. I was thinking if I did it now, I would just have them change it but If I waited until 40k I'd have them flush the system. Any thoughts?
    2010 Kia Soul Sport Molten

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    Elder Soul kfergiez's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    Seattle, WA
    Brown does not necessarily mean "bad." What does it smells like? If it smell obviously burnt, then you need to change it, but if not, you'd be OK.

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    Junior Soul
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    Mar 2011
    Utah, USA
    Changing the fluid is less because they'll just drop the pan and swap out the filter. The torque converter and cooler lines will still have about half of the old transmission fluid in them. Once the pan is filled the old and new fluid will mix. It's generally advised to drop and fill the pan a couple times to dilute out the old fluid. It's not hard to do yourself but it can be very messy and it wastes fluid. I couldn't see a bolt to drain the torque converter but I didn't look too hard. If there is a bolt then getting the old fluid out of the torque converter and pan will be enough to call the job right.

    A flush will replace all of the old fluid in the system. The problem with the flush is that the filter doesn't get replaced because they don't drop the pan.

    Some people believe a transmission flush is what destroys a transmission. I don't believe it. Most people go in to have their transmission worked on because of neglect. The first thing that's done is the fluid gets dealt with. After that they find out all the bits of worn parts was actually providing friction and the only thing keeping the transmission working. Since your doing the scheduled maintenance do whatever fits the budget or skill level.

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    Intermediate Soul Cobra259's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Warterford MI
    I would wait till 40.000 miles and do the flush then.

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