Scary Handling

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Thread: Scary Handling

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    Jun 2013
    hollywood hills
    '13 Beige Plus.....Audio Upgra

    Scary Handling

    I've got about 26K miles on my 2013+ Soul. There are so many things about it that are fantastic and one really, really bad thing. The bad thing is the handling. When driving around curves at the posted speed limit, upon hitting fairly small bumps the rear of the car noticeably jumps towards the outside of the curve. It seems that it's a combination of the car being too light in the rear and the shocks/springs being poorly designed. The car also handles poorly on the freeway and doesn't feel safe going around curves again, just going the speed limit. It's a tiny bit better with a load.

    Are there any suspension mods that will cure this illness? I understand that the new Souls handle much better, but I really don't want to give up the quickness of my 2013. I believe the 0-60 time of 7 seconds flat is accurate.....that is quicker than most 60's muscle cars.

    Comments please.

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    Intermediate Soul FLHamster's Avatar
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    Jun 2016
    Central Florida
    2013 Base AT, "Ivanka"
    Well first off, I'm forced to ask.....what size wheels do you have on your car and what tires are you running, and....what tire pressure are you using???

    I suspect, from my own experience, that all that you complain about can be traced back to the tires, etc.
    The day I bought my Soul, the dealer or Kia had all four tires at 42 PSI or more. The car handled so well that I took it home that same day. Then when I got it home, I equalized all four tires to 42 psi and I've never lowered them, except when I'm working in the sand, like going off road. I've made several improvements since then, like adding a Strut Tower stabilizer bar and a trailer hitch. My little Soul handles and corners like a Corvette. Flat, in the curves!
    And if I have to make an emergency lane change out on the Interstate, at 80mph, No Problem.
    My little Soul handles quick lane changes like a real race car.

    To add some weight to the ass-end and to tighten it up, install a trailer hitch, even if you don't intend to ever pull a trailer. It's a useful device, even if you NEVER pull a trailer.
    On my own car, I've also added a full size spare and about 75# of tools, etc.

    Too soft tires will have a tendency to wallow in the curves at highway speeds.
    I found that the magic number for my own tires is 42 PSI, for street and highway driving. I did go two sizes bigger than Stock, for additional traction in this dang Florida Sugar Sand. (215/65/R15).

    So what have you done, if anything, to solve your perceived problems yourself?

    As a grocery getter, the stock Soul with its stock suspension, is a pretty good little car, but for a guy who wants max performance, you have to do some tweaking and tuning.
    Nothing crazy, but just some pretty basic stuff, like I've mentioned above.

    EDIT: If you've never before driven a car with electronic steering, that can be something to get used to. I've found mine to be much quicker than the old hydraulic power steering. Some guys don't like it but I do, for its better performance.

    Happy Trails,
    FL Hamster
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    A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion or an argument.

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    Elder Soul conwelpic's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada
    2016 Soul SX - Caribbean Blue
    the G2 2.0L engine (from 2014) is no less slower than a 2012/13 as its the same engine (Nu series) but changed from a MPI to GDI and yes the suspension had quite extensive changes with the G2, the shock mount was moved more to the rear. I owned a 2012 4u (similar to a Plus model) for 4.5 years and never encountered any of the handling problems that you described, but my 2016 does feel a bit more planted/solid. Both vehicles have the OEM wide 18" tires P235/45R18
    I took my 2012 from Ontario to Alberta and back through the northern US states covering about 11,000 km and involving almost every variation road driving you could think of and it was fine and stable all the time.

    here is my 2012 rear suspension:

    and here it is on my 2016:
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    2.0L, leather, power-folding mirrors, cooling glove box, auto climate, smart key/push-button start, heated steering wheel

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    Premium Member
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    Dec 2011
    Maz6, '17, Dk. Blue
    Solid rear axles tend to hop as you described. I would take a serious look at new rear shocks.
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    Junior Soul Rat-Rod's Avatar
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    Oct 2016
    Sebring, Florida
    I wonder if the ESC could be involved? Maybe a service check on that could put vehicle slides back within limits. If there are acceptable limits. At least that is something that can be checked and probably get some kind of error code if werking properly, or not.

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    Senior Soul Soul.Master.007's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    2014 Soul ! Whole Shabang
    My OEM 18's track like a CAT...!!!...<:-)) What's on your CAR...???
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BRASH & SASSY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Intermediate Soul
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    Dec 2012
    Base/2013/6-spd AT Soul
    My 2013 base model Soul with 15" steelies does the same thing. There are some expansion brackets/joints on a highway exit ramp that curves, and during that curve if I hit them at the right angle I can feel the rear of the car sway out. I figure it has to do with the short wheelbase of the car. Less distance to flex, so it feels like it's going to tumble.

    My tires are aired up to 38 PSI.

    I've got 39000 miles on it, it's 4 years old, and the only major mechanical failure I've had was my car going into limp mode. Had a bad throttle body and throttle position sensor. Was replaced under warranty and no issues yet.

    I've accepted a lot of quirks with this car because of its price point. The handling and teeth chattering ride on awful pothole filled Texas roads shows it. Hoping to drive it several more years before the warranty kicks out and I'll upgrade to something better.. looking for more torque and a little more comfort!
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    Junior Soul VR46's Avatar
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    Sep 2014
    2012 moss Soul+ a/t 18" wheels
    I'm running factory 18s on my 2012 and expansion joints around a fast corner definitely upset my car. So much so, that I rarely take corners fast any more. I'm assuming the short wheel base and torsion beam rear end are to blame. I'll be looking at nicer rear shocks one of these days. Cheap enough purchase that even if it doesn't calm things down, it will be worth doing.

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    Junior Soul suv_drift's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Puerto Rico
    I may or may not understand what is your problem. But from a point of view of the car. This isn't a track and planted to the ground coupe.

    Problem occurs more in the 2011. The 2012 that my dad had before (and I test rode) was a lot better with the bounciness of the rear. (both with 16" wheels)

    The 2016 that he has now with 18"s.... Idk. But the rear tends to wobble more harsh than even my 2011. Mostly due to have stoxk air pressure on them.

    Now that I have the stock 18" on my 2011 soul and the air up to 37~38 psi The ride is a lot firmer and safer than with stock 35 psi (or 33... I don't know the stock air pressure)

    So play with the psi. Have a good set of rear tires on the back (trust me. I had scary moments with bald tires) and well on the front. Or replace the rear shocks. The decision is up to you as the driver.

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    Junior Soul
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    Mar 2016
    Westminster, Maryland
    Plus/2013/Green Tea Latte
    Quote Originally Posted by BORMAN6 View Post
    The car also handles poorly on the freeway and doesn't feel safe going around curves again, just going the speed limit. It's a tiny bit better with a load.
    Comments please.
    At least in my area, road maintenance is less than it had been. On roads frequently used by large trucks the roads are worn with their wheel width, U__U my Soul is much narrower with smaller tires, u_u causing you to ride one tire in one groove in the road and the other on the down curve of the other groove. I notice it primarily on one interstate. I concluded this as you could actually see the grooves in the other direction of the interstate before they ground it even and repaved it. Once repaved, it was great.

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